niezwykle instrumenty
niezwykle instrumenty

                   Recy-Classics is

                                            a visit to a bizarre Philharmonic
                                       with extraordinary objects acting
                                  as instruments.
                                  This is an entertainment activity and adventure
                            based on playing such strange instruments
                           as bottles, PVC pipes, carton boxes and other
                           recyclable materials.             
                           We make water flutes, rattles, and even drums
                          and melodic instruments out of them.
                        We teach particular techniques of common play.
                      We want to answer ourselves the questions how it           
                       is to be a musician, to play together, to listen to
                     each other, to harmonize, to complement and…          
                    it turns out that the philosophy of playing music is
                    surprisingly similar to the philosophy of creative
                    being and acting in everyday life areas.
                  Workshops and common interactive concert.
                  The repertoire is based on hits of classical music
                  composed in particular European countries.

            The concert presents music made
         with unusual instruments

           such as pots, bicycle spokes, steel drums, oil barrels,
           chairs,  freezer drawers, woodblocks, PVC pipes…
            The repertoire includes world's music –
         Caribbean, African, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern
        inspirations. The interactive form of the concert–
         play together with the audience.

    The concert of music played using Client’s

          products: we use any product suggested
          by a producer or distributor as an instrument.
              Music is a great test for goods, as vibration
                is the essence of sound and only the products
                made of good material may be exposed to
               vibration, i.e. they can create
               the resonance effect and produce
                     beautiful sounds.
                     The product is presented as the star
                       of the evening – the protagonist
                       of our concert. It steals the show
                                        and receives