Concert on the Wall is like

                                            Musical Matrix- simply unbelievable..
                                            The only one in the world !!! …
                                        Musicians, under the lead of Polish TV
                                      known multiinstrumentalist and showman
                                  Ryszard Bazarnik, play, defying the laws of
                          gravity, on a vertical stage!!! Strapped in
                          alpinistic equipment they perform a dangerous,
                          startling, two-hour concert.
                      Circus acrobatics and on-wall dances performed
                      by vertical musicians themselves, with dancers,
                      stiltwalkers, equilibrists,are all the annoucement
                   of a historical in the means as well as in form
                   musical performance. The music is inspired by
                   the traditions of Africa, Jamaica, Caribbean,
                   Andalusia and the Near East.
                  Colorful costumes, catchy melodies, hot,
                  tropical rhythms and one-of-a-kind show take
                 the audience into a fairy tale world.”

             The oeuvre of the Concert on the Wall includes
             over 200 concerts in Poland, Germany, Romania,
             and in particular Arab Emirates.
           Many magnificent buildings (including those on the
           UNESCO World Heritage List) have become the
            stage for the purposes of this special concert.

            The biggest events include the participation of
           the Concert on the Wall in the celebrations of
           35th anniversary of Arab Emirates Independence
          in Abu Dhabi and performance of the series of
          Vertical Concerts as the primary attraction
         at the major festivals in the Middle East
        (i.e. Global Village Festival and Dubai Shopping
        Festival, White Nights Festival in Bucharest).

        Concert on the Wall is the connection of 3
        arts: music, alpinism and architecture.
        The most important- the hero of
        concert is here the building
                  they play on.