The project is known
                    as a part of a spectacular
                    performance where the art of 
                    playing huge instruments is presented.

                   Musicians use original, unique drums
                   measuring up to 160 cm in diameter
                which are a combination of Cossack
                basket drums,original African
                techniques of creating drums and
               centuries-old tradition of huge
             Japanese drums called taiko.

            Members of the audience listen to
            the sounds of ritual bass tones of
            drums with their whole bodies.
            The feeling of strength from hundreds
            generations ago and the primordial
         sensation of sounds of huge membranes
          encourage to spontaneous dances 
          and play, and we are all becoming 
          part of music, minute by minute.

           Project’s many achievements include
          numerous concerts in the State of
        Kuwait and The United Arab Emirates.
        Featuring with Velile & Safri Duo,
      it won the first prize for “The best
      International Hit of the Summer"
      at the 2010 Bydgoszcz Hit Festival
     in Poland, performed at the closing
     ceremony of PLUS CAMERIMAGE
     2009 in Łódź (Poland), participated
      in Schuman’s Parade in 2010
         in Warsaw (Poland), along with
                 other major sporting

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